Key West Lighting Rentals

Key West Lighting Rentals

Effect lighting dramatically enhances the look of any venue and allows you to personalize your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception space. Transform the look of any room with uplighting, highlight the cake table and centerpieces with accent lighting, bring the dance floor to life with effect lights, create personalization with customized monogram lighting and add glamour with special effects. 


Key West light rentals


Transform the look and feel of any room into something exceptional with uplighting. It easily sets the mood of the entire event by adding dramatic, elegant columns of light. Integrating uplighting and ambient lighting allows you to create a cohesive look by marrying your venue with your wedding colors.

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Accent Lighting

Accent lighting highlights key components of your event and can also enhance your decor. Put your beautiful wedding cake in the spotlight, accentuate table centerpieces and add prominence to the sweetheart table simply by adding a pinspot. 


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Custom Logo/Name Lighting

Key West Event Custom Lighting

For the ultimate in personalization, add your custom logo or name using customized monogrammed lighting. Project your personalized image on the dance floor, behind your sweetheart table or any other desired location for that special touch. 

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key west dance floor lighting rental

Dance Floor Lighting

Create an inviting space that adds excitement and keeps your guests dancing all night. Flood the dance floor with vibrant beams and laser effects that move to the beat of the music.

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Outdoor/Tent Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only serves a functional purpose, it also enhances your decor. With outdoor lighting, the only limit is your imagination to add another level of atmosphere to your event.

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